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1How big or small are the jobs you are interested in?
We perform all kinds of work on all kinds of projects. We have men that go out and do small patch jobs that require a responsible person working in someone's home to 30+ story buildings with huge crews and supervision.
2What specialties do you offer?
We perform all kind of specialty finishes such as stone work,aggregate type walls such as Tabby finishes. Venetian plasters made with real marble. Also,we are one of the few companies that still install real plaster interior walls and real lime based crown moldings installed and created in any design you want.
3How many years of experience does your firm have?
We have been in the plastering industry since 1975. We have performed work on various types of structures over the years. We have employees that we have worked with for 30 years so our crews are well trained and skilled in their profession.